Mexican Stand-off in Healesville

A little time away from the city this weekend allowed for some unexpected encounters of boy, dog and cow.

Couldn’t help a little cinematic effect with the image.

Mexican Stand Off -Boy, Dog, Cow

Mexican Stand Off – Boy, Dog, Cow


7 thoughts on “Mexican Stand-off in Healesville

  1. This is the kind of picture which seems to be frozen in time. is it not? What would you say is passing through the boy’s mind as he evaluates this ‘encounter’ in his mind?



    • Hi Shakti – thanks for stopping by. This was quite a natural moment but surprising too! I think the dog was more surprised – she wouldn’t have seen a cow before although she is really a cattle dog so probably would only need a little training by example to start rounding her up. As she hasn’t got any cattle about she usually rounds us up instead.


    • I love the pic – it’s a sort of ‘who would move first?’ The dog had never seen a cow before but is a cattle dog breed so would have had a sort of genetic moment to chase it -but the boy was in the way (who she treats as another small animal to be rounded up). The cow knows the dog might chase her but is big enough to stand her ground.


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