Chas Spain World Tour 2014 Last day

My last day of the tour was spent revisiting all those who have been so generous as to comment, not just once, but a number of times over 2013.

In the end I had to take two days to get around the planet for this as there are so many kind (or possibly concerned) people out there and they are doing some great things!

So in reverse alphabetical order – with thanks for dropping by and for letting me come by too and with apologies for those whose blogs I didn’t get to this time.

Who could know then? is keeping up the 20 lines a day! Even a poetry luddite like me can feel the rhythm and love in the words here  – just a little blissful snippet from the latest post ‘Summer us 2’:

how you must swim in every fresh water or rolling surf
while i just dig my toes deeper into any warming sand
content just hearing your giggles and joy 

Son of Mount Malang in Indonesia lives in the heartland of natural beauty and has captured the wonder of Gunung Salak (Mt Salak) and the fields of flowers at its feet.

Northumbrianlight – in Northumberland, UK naturally, always has a beautiful appreciation of light. Despairing of the New Year weather – only wet and no snow – there are older images of the landscape looking fairly clothed in snow. Lovely.

Terry (aka Mobius Faith) has wandered from the bosom of wordpress into the more public realm – I’ll miss his posts as his work is quite extraordinary and really a jolt to the usual.

Mary Gilmartin is sure to keep writing in 2014. I was quite intrigued by her recent post on the old ruins of a Port Orange Sugar Mill in Florida which was destroyed by the local  tribes people who were probably trying to make a public health statement or maybe they were just feeling quite pissed off.

Marco Cosini, who so kindly help me regain some confidence to get painting again last year here in Melbourne, has some remarkable works in progress. I always look to Marco’s work in wonder and I am so reassured that he looks at the ordinary and elevates each element to something beautifully observed and honoured.

Mae on Maes Day is tackling the weather in Manhattan and efforts to clean out her father’s house (don’t worry that hasn’t included throwing out her dad). The joy of such a job was in finding an old pair of cross-country skis so that Mae is now a skiing photographer in the city with beautiful results.

Lottie Nevin is back blogging after arriving in Spain after a couple of years in Indonesia – oh how we missed her and how pleased I will be now she will burst back with the Rioja Diaries! 

Maureen from Kiwissoar posted a lovely reminiscence and images from a road trip last year in her recent post – Still Travelling On. I did get my Kiwi boost by enjoying the Hobbit last week and have the full Middle Earth tour (that’s basically all of New Zealand), on my list of things to do – one day. I do not intend to have any buckets involved in this quest.

the road
is always unwinding
travellin’ on

Lovely Howard at Fish and Bicycles is having a blogging sabbatical but, before he left us, he posted the wonderful clip from the Sapphires of the gorgeous Jessica Mauboy et al singing ‘What a Man.’ Take a bow Howard – this is about you! My hubby was lucky enough to do some collaboration work many years ago at the school Lois Peeler (one of the original Sapphires) was involved in establishing. She and the other Sapphires (now great elders of their communities) are all quite amazing – and just a little formidable.

diversifolius at Botanically Inclined is propogating and germinating even through the colds of Ontario and discovered some Chilean seeds in the fridge that had decided to sprout 3 years after being collected in their own country. Exciting.

Dawn Whitehand from Ballarat posted this beautiful poem:
New Year’s Resolution on a sneaky alternative blog site of daily Poems and Drawings which I hadn’t been following but will be now:

to let you not go

to watch in loud silence

to peer into bright darkness

to see the murky light

to dance on lead clouds

to gaze at dying stars

to listen and not learn

to accept the expected good

to realise the inevitable bad

to embrace only myself

to finally sleep peacefully 

Dawn Whitehand

Caitlin Kelly at Broadside Blog  is telling the less acclimatised mortals how to stay warm based on her years of peri-Arctic experience and is also running a blog webinar soon.

composer in the gardenfrom Pennsylvania way, took on an amazing bird count project challenge and, after a little training (ie look at the sky and check for moving objects), was rewarded by a full V of swans overhead – the count was 88! Victory!

argentumvulgaris on things that fizz from the deepest parts of Brazil, is wondering whether the changing shape of chocolate could change its taste  – definitely a topic for some real world research Mr Cadbury.

Cecilia’s place at the Kitchen’s Garden, despite its current bitterly cold state out on the prairie in the Midwest of the US, would be the best place to be if you should find yourself reincarnated as a chicken (eg for being a foolish person or however reincarnation works).

The perfect place for me too to end my tour and sit by the fire and watch Boo and his cat play. No? No sitting about here – animals to be fed, watered and checked

if you are still in a holiday mood – this is THE QUIZ AT THE END OF THE BLOG

A final suggestion via the Wildersoul colouring book blog (such a lovely idea). Order in some snazzy felt tips on the stationery order, while there is still money in the budget, and then make some handouts of celtic knots or other nice images to colour in for those new year meetings where people sit around and just talk sh*t%.

7 thoughts on “Chas Spain World Tour 2014 Last day

  1. Happy New Year to you! Thank you for mentioning me. I so love reading your blog and can’t believe how you’ve toured the virtual world these past few days. I have yet to read all of your links!


    • Thanks Mae – I hope you can have a look at some of the other posts. I thought it would be an easy thing to do but then of course I was enticed to read all their new posts and see what was going on so it took me quite a bit of time. Very nice to do though.


    • Thanks Maureen – simple instructions are
      1 Open up the webpage of choice in a new window or tab
      2 In the address bar at the top of the browser select and copy the whole http:// etc .. bit
      3 Go back to your page with the post you are working on – select the text you want the hyperlink from
      4 Go to the top of the text box and select the little paperclip icon
      5 In the top box paste in the web address text
      6 In the box below write down what you want to call the link – eg ‘Joe’s Blog’ – hope that works for you!


  2. Thank you very much; going through all the blogs must have taken you a lot of time! Always a pleasure to stop by at yours.


    • It did take a bit longer than I thought but I’m so easily diverted – if someone’s written something I have to read it and if someone’s photographed something I have to look at it. Really enjoyed my short tour though albeit from the desk chair.


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