Chas Spain World Tour 2014 Day #3

Well it’s a slightly slower World Tour with Ed Sheeran singing “I See Fire” while I’m touring about tonight – in Ed’s words, ‘if we should die tonight we shall all die together’  – well it’s not that cheery but it’s meant as a statement of blogging solidarity.

The gorgeously self-deprecating Duncan Swallow – (surely Karl Pilkington’s lost older brother?) – at Nobody’s Reading Me – is so wonderful  that he can kick off the New Year with a rant about the Gregorian Calendar and points out that we really work to two calendars as we southern hemisphere bods have our summer solstice on 21 December (which was my wedding day – as I’m such a card carrying hippy woman.) The genius haikus of Lee Roy Fuckwit are worthy literary treats and I hope there will be more in 2014. His banner pic of Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks suggests a knowledge of its home in Chicago but his humour suggests Brit origins – bagging Tolkein, reading Chaucer etc… (sorry about the soundtrack here.)

Meanwhile – another lovely man and one of the world’s clever bilingual bloggers – Bambang Priantono – is now posting from Tangerang near Jakarta with a new blog theme – where I’m sure he’ll continue to capture the world around him so beautifully.

Photographer Christina at Bees Knees Photography (somewhere in the US) ended 2013 with some exquisite new baby and children images. She also has gorgeous flower photographs as you might expect from someone with a bee’s perspective.

Intrepid parents and foreign service family now in La Paz, Bolivia just keep packing in the days on 3rd culture children – enjoying a hunt for dinosaurs in Sucre for their  New Year’s entertainment. The image here is a now vertical wall of over 8 types of dinosaur prints preserved in mud – seriously cretaceous stuff.

Amaya Ellman at Ellman books posted from the UK on her top scariest film characters at the end of 2013 with extra quiz questions. I’m not a great scary film person – that will be me hiding behind the sofa for the night then. The Shark is Jaws wasn’t on the list but is definitely my top one – although I don’t agree with the stupid WA government who want to cull sharks. If you can’t give Darwin awards to intrepid tourists swimming in the oceans when can you?

My last one for tonight is a catch up to see Stephen Kelly in San Francisco where people went all out for Christmas and are obviously still sensibly asleep for New Year. His version of Edward Hopper’s Nighthawk posted here was created by the tongue in cheek artist Ed Wheeler – more hilarious examples are on Stephen’s blog.

Final day of the tour tomorrow to see what the leading blog commentators are up to – will kick back by the pool til then. xx Chas

12 thoughts on “Chas Spain World Tour 2014 Day #3

    • Hi Stephen Thanks so much for dropping by – good to see you. Hope you’re well. It’s been extremely hot here so I have found it quite hard to focus on writing and way too hot to be in the shed painting – so things are drying up everywhere. Another 40C+ here today and we’re watching the winter olympics – so strange.


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