Chas Spain World Tour 2014 Day 2

My airmiles were a little curtailed today. Ah the New Year back at work – it starts off so well and by day 5 it’s all over – the great wave of the uncontainable is starting to lap over the wall.

My travels today still went as far as lovely Shropshire, Romania, Indonesia, the US and Hong Kong. Some bloggers are a little poorly so thoughts and good wishes from here to those having a bumpy start to 2014.

Ajay continues to post his positive take on the world in words and pictures at Ajaytao. He is a man of apparently no fixed abode and his tip of the iceberg pic for New Year’s Eve (by Daniel Bergmann!) was very fitting.

Malc and Jude take on more local explorations from greenbenchramblings in Shropshire. The New Year extra camera gadgetry captured some wondrous wintry seedheads and tiny flower buds.

Garden lover at The Bouncing Tigger is having a slight New Year blog reset dilemma in London and currently looking for votes on her new taglines – despite a love of the essentials of gardening, 19th Century Art and literature +  purveyors of  fine teas and cake … (yes please) – there is a lovely New Year post on her experience of The Iditarod, “the last great race”..a 1,100 mile dogsled race from Willow to Nome, Alaska. Wonderful.

No New Year’s lying in for Andrew Hardacre – the Perpetrator of It’s All Downhill from Here’. No, he was straight out getting more great images of all sorts of bird species (but being very hard on himself about the quality of his pics – the photos are always amazing to my eyes.)

Joyce at Especially Made is taking on a Bible Plan after an early start to the Year with more visits for her child with some development challenges. 2014 will be another journey in faith and hope for this hard working mum.

Christina Popa – currently in Romania- celebrated the full entry into the EU of Romania and Bulgaria at Communication for Development on New Years Day and shared a pic by Giles Goodall of the UK Border being inundated …. (what – no cause for unbridled panic? – Mr Abbott please take note…)

I always look forward to posts from Muhammed Soleh on pleisbilongtumi (great blog name!) from Cigudeg in West Java  so I was very sorry to see he  has just posted on the preciousness of health after pinching  a spinal nerve  – not a good start for the year.

Shall retire to the cabana for a G&T or other suitable beverage and look forward to visiting some more bloggers tomorrow.

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