Hitting the end of year wall

I have officially hit the wordpressing end of year wall

But as I was finishing this post my daughter called out – ‘Why is everything pink?’  The whole house was enveloped in an amazing pink glow.

I’m sure many a better photographer than I with a snazzier camera managed to capture some great images from a better vantage point but here are some me to you.

To all fellow word-pressers still pressing wondrous insights, images and idiosyncratic observations of life, enjoy your off screen time with friends and family if you can.

to everyone who has been to follow and visit this year – Have a great Christmas or its equivalent December party time..


Sunset in the Suburbs

Fire tree

Fire tree

Christmas House in the Sunset

Christmas House in the Sunset


17 thoughts on “Hitting the end of year wall

    • Thanks Dawn – don’t worry – after my little burst of positing things I’m having to do my tax so that’s knocking shine off things. I have to do pommy tax as well as aussie tax which always falls due on my birthday end of Jan so this year I am determined to get it done well ahead of time. (I know that this is a first world problem so I am trying to be more gracious about it..)


    • Dear Lottie – I am so enthralled by your snippets of news – the new blog from the Old World will be quite amazing. I hope you will bring in the New Year in style as ever and look forward to hearing more about the next stage of your adventures in 2014


  1. and a very Happy Christmas to you also. This reminded me of a time when we were traveling up the West Coast between the mountains and the sea. Suddenly the mountains in front of us were glowing red. I thought at first there must be a fire – but it was just the setting sun. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a camera at the time…


    • Being without a camera in New Zealand would be very hard – everywhere you look there is something wonderful to capture as I recall. I am shamelessly looking forward to the next installment of the Hobbit so I can get my kiwi scenery hit for 2013. :>


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