I’m dreaming of a purple Christmas

We seem to be in a lucky city with adequate levels of global warming to now enjoy a purple Christmas.

Species that once barely survived the frosts and chill of Melbourne’s winters without hothousing now thrive happily in their little urban microclimates.

I’m tackling a new still-life with the last few sprays of wisteria – pictured here in its early sitting.

The beautiful jacaranda carpet at work last year has now been quietly interspersed with bedding of silvery plants. The apricot yarrow is a perfect match for the falling purple petals, as is the blue sky overhead.

Came across a slightly unusual plant which looks like a Christmas fireworks display. With its soft mauve-y red brush flowers studded by golden spurts it is a real attraction. No idea what it is called so any horticultural knowledge to be shared would be most welcome.


8 thoughts on “I’m dreaming of a purple Christmas

  1. I’m a native plants lover, although I can also enjoy the more exotic kinds, such as the Jacaranda and Wisteria. Jacaranda is flowering beautifully at present, and leaving a huge mess on the footpaths, etc, ‘tho that does present some photo-ops! (my street has quite a few planted). As to other wonderfully colourful trees, we have plenty of Golden Robinia (pseudo-acacia) in nearby streets too; one of my faves; I always feel great when standing underneath one — the golden light.
    Have a Merry Christmas if you can, Chas. 😛


    • Hi Janina – yes there are some nice little natives out at the moment but I need to hunt down their names. Agree re the gold and purple match – that’s wonderful. I just sent you an email to see if you would like to meet up and go to the Melbourne Now exhibition or just have coffee sometime. :))


  2. Wisteria is so beautiful! I live in a small town with a street of early Victorian homes…one of which has a wisteria that completely takes over a house’s verandah every spring. I look forward to seeing it.


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