Two for Two dollars

Painting this one in acrylics on paper might not have been the world’s greatest plan. 

But if you start off with one plan and then it evolves into another – hey. 

I always start off with acrylics as if they were watercolours (see the starting pics here) and then get far too enthusiastic trying to get some luminous quality out of them.

Anyway, I liked being out in the shed and working on this until the paper turned into a Japanese lacquered board.  

And I learned more on the way. For example it’s a good idea to paint the flowers first and the fruit later, but I always go for the fruit first.

Also, I don’t know whether you are allowed to do red and yellow together (like a Chemist Warehouse sign which is anti-aesthetic in everyway), but I just went for it.

Well the roses are all finished, so no more of them for a while and, yes, we did eat the apples (and because they were 2kg for $2 and from the market, they were still yummy). 


7 thoughts on “Two for Two dollars

  1. Wow!! Definitely a luminous and lacquered look! The apples look deliciously edible. I am amazed at the vase – crystalline and watery! It’s like a totally different painting from the silvery look. Perhaps if it turns the paper into a Japanese lacquered board, then it might be fun to paint with acrylics on a board… (creative brain ticking over on this one!)
    Absolutely beautiful work! I love the yellow and red together. The whole picture has a gorgeous golden orange feel to it.


    • Thanks so much for your generous comments! I’m in no position to judge but I was happy enough with the apples – but the roses had all dropped by the time I started on them properly – so I have to make myself paint in a different order next time.


      • I never thought of that. Of course the petals would drop before the before the fruit is done and eaten… I will keep that in mind if I ever paint flowers and fruit together! Wonderful painting. Thank you for sharing! xx


      • Yes – I put off doing the flowers because, for me, they require a fair bit of thinking about and concentration – but I think next time I’ll tackle them first.


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