Architectural neighbours #1 – Above the shop

We often don’t pay much attention to what’s above eye height.

The sun washed walls of a pretty row of terraced shops on Lygon St, caught my eye and revealed that one shop had a former life as the Victorian Meat Market.

I couldn’t find out much more, but the terrace kindly also showed it was built in 1877.

There is a nice documentary by Shannon Swan and Angelo Pricolo on the Italian migrants who developed Lygon St; Si Parlo Italiano – I’ve yet to see the film, but it could fill in some gaps.

A short intro to the film is on ––si-parla-italiano-20130802-2r477.html –

Just nearby is now a French Delicatessen La Parisienne Pates.

With its shuttered upper floor and large Charcuterie sign, it makes a good match – as a bohemian Moulin Rouge-esque neighbour – to the former meat market.

There are plenty of reviews of this lovely shop – even reluctant Kiwis Kenny and Benny’s Consider the Sauce blog had to admit is was good –

(Kiwis not being very partial to the French and aspects of their foreign policy etc.) The shop pics are from their post.

It’s a good spot if you like to enjoy your coffee with a feel of being in France – surrounded by delicious things.



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