Not blogging, working…

Wouldn’t want kindly followers to feel I am not grafting in the background just because the posts are falling off. (The day job has been crazy as well.)

This is the work in progress out in the shed atm. Just exploring the whole tonal thing and will get some colour worked in soon.

I was inspired by 2kg of apples bought from the market last Saturday.

Love it when the market is at an end and the fruit sellers bag up the produce and yell out “2 (kilo) for $2″.

This lovely copper coal scuttle (as was) is an heirloom of my mum’s and I’ve been working my way up to painting it.

I painted an entire kitchen with copper pans when I was young and unafraid but I had an anxiety about getting this down on paper.

As ever main thing is to keep painting what you see and not trying to paint ‘a thing’. It seems to work.

And the roses are still going – it’s been a great year for them so far.


12 thoughts on “Not blogging, working…

  1. I love this! Silvery apples, silvery scene. It reminds me so much of the fairytale where the dancing princesses went through an orchard with silver fruit on the trees… Never mind the colour! This is brilliant. It’s a difficult thing to paint silver apples!!
    On a friendly endnote, please accept this little gift as a token of my appreciation. Both of your beautiful and inspiring art (yes it makes me want to paint!), and also as a thank you for following my blog for so long!
    Thank you!
    Kia ora,


    • Great to see your new church home – we have a lovely refurbished church nearby which is now home to a gallery and a cafe – quite special to continue being part of the community.


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