Good art is … portraying the rose

According to my daughter rose posts are in a close category with cat posts. People do seem to like them, but they can mean ‘scary old lady blog’ etc.

Anyway I’m struggling with the painting side of life at the moment and tackling one rose is hard enough without trying to take on a whole handful.

So I find a bit of photography and some manipulation of the images can be an interim way of looking and thinking about the form and lighting. (aka procrastinating)

Just as folk in the Northern Hemisphere are posting pics of their last few blooms of the year we’ve had a real abundance this spring.

So it’s a nice time to bring a few blousy and budding specimens in and think about painting them over the next couple of days.

The beautiful irises are from my mum’s garden which I posted about a few month’s ago..

Some other rose  blogs with great pics of the enigmatic quality of the rose:

Last roses in the first snow : 

New blog on Ecuador Galore –

And some of keen rose gardeners I follow

Chris Van Cleave (because even rednecks like roses ..)

and Maureen’s blog at

Hopefully by the time I’m bent over with osteoporosis I’ll produce something like Van Gogh’s Vase of Roses – how exquisite is this? :



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