My idea of a small piece of heaven – a one person treat + book – to celebrate a year of solid blogging.

Thanks so much to all the followers (roughly some sparkly new creative person came by every day)

Thanks for all the likers and commenters etc.

I will do a homage post to all of those inspirational types who I follow shortly but I am going to fall into bed now.

The year’s end coincided with the end of the Modern and Post Modern course and one final essay – those last essays are a killer.

You might think this pic was taken in Melbourne, but no, it was in a rather lovely hotel in Surabaya –

so you can see that, despite my alleged socialist leanings, I will be the first up against the wall when the revolution comes.



23 thoughts on “Blog-iversary!!

    • Thanks so much Mae – it’s gone very quickly. Thanks for all your kind comments along the way – that really makes the slightly surreal side of the internet seem perfectly real and wonderful.


  1. Happy One year anniversary, Chas. I got a reminder from WP that I’ve just had my second but with all the chaos that is going on here right now I’ve not had a moment to post anything. You are doing a grand job girl, keep it up! xx


    • Hi Lottie – I can’t believe we’re out of synch on blogging when we’re a match on everything else :>
      Isn’t it typical that when life is actually full on and probably most interesting we can’t really write about it. Maybe that’s a good thing. Hope you’re getting stacks of photos so we can catch up on it all soon.


      • Chas, you are spot on. There is so much going on right now that even though I’ve tried to make some sense of it and put it into words, I’ve failed. I think I need some distance from it and then I might be able to start to write something vaguely coherent! I am taking lots of photos though so that’s a start! xx


      • Hi Lottie – I’m sure it’s you’re having a grand time and you’ll have a bundle of stories happening in your head ready to hit the page once the days get shorter.


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