10 things kids can (still) do without an iPad

I was really inspired by the Outdoor Nation blog and now it’s moved to the new Project WILD Thing site with a great new doco by David Bond.

David’s quest is to give the same level of marketing push to attract kids (and their parents) outside as Apple, Disney and Mattel have been able to wield into our (sub)consciousness to convince us to consume ’stuff’.

Just the doco trailer made me ask what outdoor life did my kids have? – compared to my more rural gumboot wearing, yabby hunting free form 70s upbringing?

Certainly my kids grew up more urban as we spent such a big chunk of their young lives in the UK and the weather didn’t always make it easy to throw yourself into the outdoors.

The labour of dressing three kids to go to the beach on what was supposed to be a summer day could be quite depressing for me – as I’d grown up not having to think about clothes much.

So their childhoods were more urban and probably more ‘organised’ but these were at least 10 of the fun things which they liked doing – and still do – which didn’t need an iPad!

Bet there are loads more examples out there …


3 thoughts on “10 things kids can (still) do without an iPad

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