Party time

Lots of parties happening over the weekend – real, surreal, virtual and unreal!

The new Maison Bentley blog party happened in the UK, Natalia Maks posted the biggest birthday girl of the week – the Sydney Opera House.

There’s a monster cake of the Opera House which was made as a fund raiser a couple of years ago and a video of them making it here ->

Had to repost the more modest but equally creative Lizard Cake from the 40th celebration of my old Primary School – it is so wonderful. 

We had a gorgeous party in Northcote which was much lower key – but the food was great and the company wonderful. And one of my mate Amy’s pics made the perfect present.

Just a few pics of other birthday spreads – my middle daughter is a great creator of cakes so these are great times in our family.

From overseas there are some different treats from places as far apart as Ghent and Surabaya. Alway nice to try something new when you’re in a different city. 


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