From Blog to Blurb?

Dear WordPressers

Hope all is well with everyone – with your writing and creating and the restlessness of posting.

I find myself at a point of wanting to craft the work so far – or at least a curatorial snippet – into a single whole.

Don’t say publish – that’s a sign of madness.

If this is an example of publishing an abstract then we’re all pretty buggered:

My work is now nearly finished; but as it will take me two or three more years to complete it, and as my health is far from strong, I have been urged to publish this Abstract. The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin.

So let’s not get carried away. It’s enough that we write something and it adds some extra endorphins to our brain chemistry as we go along and we spend less time worrying about basic tasks like feeding and washing the children.

But I do like Blurb – it sucks in your blog posts and lets you play with them all over again – recraft them, hone and polish.  So I’m having a go at getting the Bandung to Bali Book I and maybe Book II ready for my Dad for his Birthday – or maybe Christmas

Anyway would be really happy to hear from any other WordPress – Blurb officianados who have good tips  – especially about making sure any images going into the Blurb book turn out looking OK or anything else you think might be handy to know.

Thanks so much and keep on blogging – it’s good for you (I’m sure)

Love Chas

These are the little pics I was happiest with ..  so far


8 thoughts on “From Blog to Blurb?

    • Hi Mae – it’s quite easy to use I think – even if you just wanted to produce a small book or a coffee table book for your images as a photo album. I am going to brave up and do one soon so will let you know how the quality turns out etc.


    • Thanks Hilary. Blurb is a diy publisher which (I think) you can use online or download the software for free. What is quite nice is that you can link direct to WordPress and pull in your posts – so you can fairly simply start to collate a book form of some of your posts and images etc. I found it easy to use and have seen some great outputs eg for photo books etc friends have done.


  1. I did a blurb book of images for my sister & brother in laws 10th anniversary…. it turned out well. I just used the online app and took notice of the margins, etc.

    I also have a book I am composing – and have been for about 3 years! LOL… I really need to finish it I think… but because it is online and there is no-one on your tail to finish you tend to put everything else first. So… I guess you have to be really prioritised to get it done… ha!


    • Hi Dawn – just saw your book on Pit Firing Ceramics – that looks amazing – well done for getting published. Now you have that on the shelves out there I’m sure you can keep going on the next project. I’m guessing after doing a PhD it’s pretty hard to psyche up and get back into writing etc.


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