Spring overload

A softer post today while spring’s heady outburst is happening outside. The roses here are all just in my front garden.

With no care or attention, other than sun and some occasional quenching, the extraordinary rose keeps giving.

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Sadly I haven’t nurtured these roses and can’t name them for you – I have just to enjoy them and trim them a little here and there.

The yellow climber is probably a Graham Thomas by David Austin roses. The mop head pink rose is probably also a David Austin.

Naturally no true rose lover can go to the UK without visiting David Austin roses in Albrighton, Shropshire.

They do change colour from spring to autumn I think.


7 thoughts on “Spring overload

    • Thanks Hilary – I’m sure you’re right – will have a look. I used to be quite a rose buff at one time but I had to wipe that part of the hard drive (my brain that is) – so will need to look some up again.


  1. Interesting to see spring flowers images while we are heading towards the winter! But there are still a few roses blooming in the late fall.


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