Back Street – Inspiration or Despair?

A couple of weeks ago I looked at the pretty set of shops along Lygon Street, brimming with nice things.

But the back streets here are full of interest too. Eclectic materials, organic assembly, made functional, asked to do what’s required with no ceremony or embellishment.

And amongst this utility –  thoughts and ideas piercing through – the randomness of ‘Rock God’ to the carefully scripted quotation by Emerson’s Self Reliance.

He who so would be a man must be a non-conformist. It’s all too perfect.

And then, just around the corner all this tapestry of individuality has been swept away in favour of straight lines, uniformity of material, demonstrable rationality. Oh the despair.

After such a lovely morning snapping flowers and all these great places around Carlton yesterday, we were on the way home and my son fell off his skateboard and snapped his collarbone.

It’s not the greatest excuse to have to go to the Royal Childrens Hospital but even this is a bit of a day out in Melbourne.

Such an amazing building and I hadn’t realized the fish tank goes all the way from the foyer into the emergency reception. The fish make everyone instantly calm – quite wondrous.

The lad is on the mend although there’s not much can be done other than pain killers and rest  – no more skateboarding! >:


Thanks to all the visitors this weekend – it’s been lovely to have so many people drop by via the blog-o-sphere.


5 thoughts on “Back Street – Inspiration or Despair?

    • Thanks Hilary – it’s nice when they are a little off their game but a break is a bit extreme. Quite funny when he takes his strong painkillers – the morphine based one – he goes into a bit of overdrive and says some very funny random things.


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