A (shed) of one’s own.

I was very impressed by all the bloggers who had made a New Year’s effort to set up their desk / studio / work space during January.

It’s taken me quite a bit longer to sort myself out.

When my kindly brother dropped over a big section of lino (which was more than they needed for their recent kitchen refit), that got me started!

It was a perfectly good fit for the shed – or at least 2/3 of it – enough for some studio space.

The still fish painting is one I’d been working on during Marco’s classes last term.

I focussed on getting the fish done during the class – for obvious reasons – but the rest of the picture was just sketched in.

I’ve had to take a break from classes so this one has sat for a while (not the fish) but now I’ve been inspired to retackle it. I’ve substituted a vase which was sketched in with a jug so this is a bit roughed in.

After reading To the Lighthouse I thought I would take the painting on in a different way.

Lily Briscoe’s character, plus Woolf’s final chapter on death and memory, which uses the image of the struggling fish as a comparator for the family members in the boat who cannot speak about the deaths which have confronted them, presented an alternative take on this image rather than just a still-life.

‘Not a breath of wind blew. The water chuckled and gurgled in the bottom of the boat where three or four mackerel beat their tails up and down in a pool of water not deep enough to cover them.’

from To the Lighthouse, Virginia Wolf

Some other exquisite drawings of fish with underlying themes by David Green has also been an impetus to do some more on my fish painting. David’s work is really worth a close look: http://reasonsuspended.wordpress.com/2013/02/05/light-out-of-dark/


4 thoughts on “A (shed) of one’s own.

  1. I was, long ago, a visiting tutor at Chelsea School of Art. I handed out copies of Virginia Woolf’s, A Room of One’s Own, like Smarties, to all the female students (I can’t remember if I gave it to the boys as well).


    • Yes – it does show that with a bit of insistence you can make your own space somewhere. The shed was full of post move boxes and work tools so a bit of judicious thinning out and putting things in their place was good. (There is a stack of unallocated bits and pieces under the verandah though that I still need to sort through!


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