Trafalgar Square & Mrs Dalloway

From the shelter of the National Gallery I found an unexpected line of view and Nelson watching the weather – as he would. 

A sudden shower sent people running for cover, emptying Trafalgar Square in a moment.

(I suppose whenever I had been to the National Gallery before I had always headed eagerly to the galleries inside.)

The square soon refilled as the rain squall passed and the sun returned.


Of course I’d been thinking about London because of Mrs Dalloway and imagining all those places again. I took these pics last year when I was there again all too briefly.

But she’s extraordinarily attractive, he thought, as, walking across Trafalgar Square in the direction of Haymarket came a young woman who, as she passed Gordon’s statue seemed, Peter Walsh thought (susceptible as he was) to shed veil after veil…

from Mrs Dalloway, Virginia Woolf

A bit more on the Gordon Statue and Peter Walsh is written here:

Such a wonderful read (had to keep going after doing ‘To the Lighthouse’) and a useful reminder to keep a watch over your shoulder for random old men next time you’re in Trafalgar Square.

Sudden shower Trafalgar Square

Sudden shower –  Trafalgar Square

Sudden shower - Trafalgar Square

After the squall – Trafalgar Square – from the National Gallery


4 thoughts on “Trafalgar Square & Mrs Dalloway

    • Hi – I’m quite a late comer to Virginia Woolf. I thought I had read her books via osmosis – all my friends at school and Uni did literature and talked about what they were reading – while I was dosing my brain on physics and biochemistry. So this is a good readjustment of humanity to my cold empirical heart.


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