Istanbul – night and day on the Bosphorous

After a (very) long bus trip back from Çanakkale I was so grateful that the hotel gave me a room with this view over the Bosphorous (Boğaziçi) when I arrived back to Taksim. Inexplicably the bus driver had taken the wrong exit off the freeway down a minor road and couldn’t turn around for about 5 km.

Then a poor woman was suddenly ill with motion sickness or some rapid onset virus and we had to stop until an ambulance arrived to attend to her.

As we arrived into the Otogar bus station a fellow passenger asked me, ‘Are you travelling to the Asian side?’

Even though we’d all been on the bus for about 7 hours by that stage – I thought the possibility of going to Asia was a very enticing idea.

But no – I had to end my bus journey there and then take the Metro and the tram and the Kabataş-Taksim Funicular before I could enjoy the divine sight of Istanbul at night and then arrival of the sun on my last day in such an extraordinary city.

Some other nice posts on the Bosphorous Bridge and trams etc are on Paula’s blog here


2 thoughts on “Istanbul – night and day on the Bosphorous

    • Hi Hilary – I was very fortunate to have this visit. We lived so close by and had friends living there while we were in the UK and never got there so I tried to make the most of every moment.


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