Worker series – #1 Shopfitters Strutton Ground 2006

Working in London a few years ago I had a self imposed photo assignment stage of taking images I would paint ‘one day’.

The plan for this series was to capture groups of workers hanging about on a break – which seemed to be a fairly regular thing.

This was alongside my scaffolding photo assignment stage.

Anyway this one was snapped in that wonderful little strip Strutton Ground which cuts through between Westminster and Victoria.

There are some things I like about this image now I look again. Aside from the men in their classic poses vs the women striding purposefully by – I think the numbers, the cups and the Polish flag hooked on the roof lend a bit of graphic to the story.

This was taken at the time of the 2006 World Cup and Strutton Ground was home to a number of Polish pastry makers. Good for them – bad for me. I could never ride through Strutton Ground without buying a slab of apple crumble.

No doubt the little cafe being refitted is now a Starbucks.

Shopfitters Strutton Ground

Worker Series – #1 Shop fitters Strutton Ground


2 thoughts on “Worker series – #1 Shopfitters Strutton Ground 2006

  1. You’re right about the classic poses – all so relaxed and ‘casual’ – except for blue shirt. His coloured shirt takes the eye, but his stance is completely closed. I wish I could see more. And the women striding by…? This is priceless.


    • Hi Hilary thanks so much for commenting on this photo. It’s nice to come back again and look at an image some time later – you find lots of stories going on, not just the one you thought you were capturing. Will post some more of these soon.


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