Good art is .. an opportunity missed in Istanbul

Back to the blog after an amazing visit to Turkey. But since that was about work and this blog is about art and life I can’t really post about it here.

Among all the marvellous layers of civilisation – history, culture and religious tempest – I also escaped a random tear gassing by invading a men’s club (where there were kindly old blokes drinking tea and playing cards).  A much needed addition to my small stock of travelling yarns on ‘mild peril’ but this and further events unravelled my plans to enjoy some of the Istanbul Biennial during my down time.

The Biennial website too gives nothing away –  just this tantalising offering of a twisted rubber band by Brazilian Artist Fernanda Gomes of what was missed …  ooh very mean.

So I’ve had to settle for what might have been by looking online.

Theodor Ringborg writes .. the process with which her (Fernanda’s) work is created is a delicate one. (She) takes time to look around, consider, reconsider, move things, and make decisions, all the while faced with the endless possible permutations …


Pictures from

Istanbul Biennial site

Galerie Emmanuel Herve Paris

Bombsite – which also features a dialogue between Fernanda and Ernesto Neto

She says ‘Writing about art seems to me more and more dangerous. There are too many words troubling the wonderful silence of the visual.’

He says ‘As an artist, when I work, I don’t think about beauty; it happens as a consequence. I think beauty is an internal state of the spirit.’ 


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