Hunters and Gatherers – Tribal gatherings in Lygon St

Tribal hunting and gathering is still in evidence along Lygon St and its environs.

A couple of lovely little shops seem to particularly attract the female of the species.

Baker D Chirico’s wonderland of fluted timber* makes this shop well worth a visit, but I suspect the sights and smells of its baked produce also entrap women passers by.

The intoxicating Gewürzhaus lures women into its curated interior of spices, herbs and salts. (This gatherer went in just to read the stories of the Pink Salts of northern Victoria which are as enigmatic as the crystals.)

So where to find the men – the supposed hunters of the species?

More meaty and cheesy offerings are tended by the lads at the DOC Deli. A serious and masculine interior, the scents of wood and smoke assail the senses inside this little man cave.

More peculiar still was the gathering of the hirsute in pursuit of music at the Readings warehouse sale – very off beat to the finding of food. Yes any anthropologist would have found the Saturday stroll in Carlton a good day’s research indeed.

*The Baker D Chiroco shop was designed by Australian practice March Studio around the concept of a large bread basket and is currently short-listed for the Bar and Shop Design Award to be announced in London in September!


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