Study of a young woman

Genetics is a funny thing. My husband was once quite acceptable looking for someone born in a swamp, and, while not physically repulsive, I certainly didn’t get my mother’s Hollywood looks. So how did we get this one?

Yes it’s clear to me there is a God and he takes a bit more time with some of us than others. While my outward appearance is really starting to betray a rather stocky German and Scottish farming ancestry, this one was served the full dose of Irish Colleen with a sprinkling of elf and the singing voice of a lark.

 The other theory is that some of these ones are actually from another planet. From the time she popped out (pretty damned reluctantly) in the shadow of the Wrekin in Shropshire nearly 21 years ago, she’s had that look of having been here (or somewhere in the Universe) for a very long time.

This study – for a painting I’m hoping to do for her birthday – was based on a photo taken in France during a Medieaval Festival where she looked absolutely at home – of course.

I was inspired by Hans Holbein the Younger’s beautiful portrait studies of Thomas More’s son and Anne Cresacre which I bought at Windsor Castle many years ago. (Well prints of them, obviously …)
I have always loved the extraordinary lightness of these works – which remain surprisingly minimal and contemporary given that they were created in around 1527.,_by_Hans_Holbein_the_Younger.jpg

While I’d love to show the photo my sketch is based on, it’s the work of this one’s lover, who is a struggling but brilliant artist (of course), so I will instead defer to some of his other images and then you will know this is a true story.


6 thoughts on “Study of a young woman

  1. Her beauty certainly fits that medieval mould. She is blessed with good looks and your rendition, I think, will turn out very well too, of that I’m sure!


    • Thanks so much Janina – she is quite a beauty but didn’t inherit any height so doesn’t meet some of the modern day definitions! ..far better placed in the medieval world


      • I understand the height thing. As a teenager I did a Finishing Course with Elly Lukas here in Melbourne. She thought I’d make a good model, and I was only 5ft7in tall; now, I look around me and see the giants and I feel so small….. 😉


      • Yes it’s a bit startling – my brother does some of set up for the L’Oreal fashion week gig In Melbourne so we went along last year to see all these alien looking young girls tottering down the catwalk.


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