‘Collections’ was the topic this week which is an area of art peopled by all types – from obsessive Kings to crazy Victorians to Andy Warhol. Bless them all for giving us the eccentric world of traditional and contemporary collections.

If, like me, you suffer from a slight fear of becoming a hoarder on genetic indicators this is not a comfortable topic. How easy could it be to start traipsing through flea markets and discovering a sudden urge to buy the complete Abba catalogue at a bargain price?

Having moved continents and houses numerous times I’ve undertaken great purges of personal belongings – but it’s the little things collected by your children you cannot part with so easily – even when they have ceased to notice them. My collections then are really mini-collections of theirs.


This is the last week for the PennState Course and an enjoyable time it has certainly been.

Slight downside was that the discussion forums are not nicely moderated like we are accustomed to on WordPress, so occasionally I felt I was looking at the less than erudite offerings from a Youtube clip.

Hard to imagine people would purposefully register for an online course and then use it to make inappropriate comments under an optional cloak of anonymity.

Shall pass this on to the very conscientious course providers and I’m sure they’ll sort it out in a snip.


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