Portrait of the musician as a young man

Recent events have brought me back to portraiture, which I love. Marco arranged for Graeme Drendel to talk to the class last week. Graeme’s work is so meditative but with a slight edginess in the way he places figures in the landscape. His characters are all distinctly individual and are set in sparse, imagined spaces, sometimes in formation or placed in relation to an object or a geographic marker, but rarely showing any connection or reaction to the presence of others.

So it is with my lot in front of the TV.

Just as Graeme has relentlessly drawn his family and friends for his figurative work, so I have made another start here.

First son said I could draw him as long as it was like a photograph and not like a sketch. Mmmm – no pressure then. Having seen the Archibald recently with the number of photo realistic portraits I took it as a challenge to at least get a likeness and follow Marco’s earlier instruction on observation, observation, observation.

Graeme Drendel’s work can be viewed at his online gallery. http://www.graemedrendel.com.au/#/gallery/  

Portrait of a musician as a young man

Portrait of a musician as a young man


4 thoughts on “Portrait of the musician as a young man

    • Hi Diane -I’d love to know what you think of Graeme’s work. Some people find his work a bit desolate, even disturbing, but it intrigues me. While I think the placing of a single figure in a landscape is daunting Graeme describes how some of his major works start with a single figure but then he continues to add characters – it’s quite extraordinary.


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