Memory and mail art

Well the online course with Penn State is going well and pushing in interesting ways. Mail art – now there’s another thing I knew nothing about but which is apparently a big deal.

The irony is that I didn’t realize that by putting little stamps and drawing hearts on an envelope and signing my address; Victoria, Australia, The World, The Universe — I was participating in a global art movement as long ago as the 70s.

And now that I’m posting art here, I am still participating in a global art movement! Someone should stop me.

Anyway, this week’s piece is on memory, so today’s work (or rather a re-work) is based on the first episode in the Bandung to Bali story.

When I made the first sketch it was so early on in the whole blogging thing that I was throwing drawings up so I could just get started.

This one is a slightly longer muse on the same moment in time – although I think the first sketch is more natural – as impromptu work usually is.

The Bandung to Bali story is also now available in paperback or you could find it here…  (Just joking about the paperback…)



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