Hastings and the Archibald

Nice little toodle down the Peninsula this weekend – that’s the Mornington Peninsula to non-local folk. And what charming places there are to see and lovely things to do there are.

The peninsula is known for its split personality, with laid back and stunningly sparse beaches to the east and the mad rush and glitzy ‘looking out over the bay’ show homes to the west, catching the setting sun on an endless expanse of glass and chrome.

The Archibald Prize winners on display at the Mornington Regional Gallery were a tonic to see.

Early lifetime goals included – ‘designing a Chelsea Show Garden’ and ‘getting a portrait into the Archibald’.

Might just need to tone those down to ‘going to the Chelsea Flower Show’ and ‘seeing the Archibald Prize exhibition.’

That’s one of them ticked then (although I did have a go at copying a previous winning entry in a very shabby way in an earlier post.)

In the meantime – here’s a little picture from the day – mangroves are lovely but tricky, lumpy things to paint and the depth of colour isn’t quite there but it’s a nice scene and the day was perfect.



4 thoughts on “Hastings and the Archibald

    • Thanks so much Terry – I was going to apologise actually for my shocking photography. I only really take a visual ‘shot’ with the mind of a painter so true photographers would be appalled at the technique!
      I saw your latest work with the ships and the water and there’s a photo here of ships passing through the sunset on the dark water. I’ll come back and comment on it properly soon!


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