Saturdays in Melbourne – Literary Elwood

As I often spend my Saturdays in Melbourne toodling about while children swim | dance | work | study | meet friends etc., I’ve enjoyed little discoveries of the city. So I’ve (super cleverly) made a collection called my Saturdays in Melbourne. I know it’s startlingly unoriginal, unlike Mr Banham’s recent work shown here.

This week I happened across a small exhibition in the City Gallery all about Melbourne’s street names.

What an exquisite display it is too, curated by  Stephen Banham, who has also written a book called: Characters – cultural stories of Melbourne revealed through typography. Historian Professor Graeme Davison, who is apparently pre-eminent in his field, provided the historic background.  

The pics shown here are of the literary streets in the Elwood cluster which gave this bit of swamp land a sense of old country gentility and connection with a form of cultural history of more remote origins.

The Elwood cluster also holds some personal fondness as the St Kilda end was where I first lived with a man I married and now our daughter (who was born in Shropshire and lived most of her life thousands of miles from here), now lives at the Elwood end.

As Dame Edna would say – ‘Isn’t life just a little bit spooky possums?


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