Just MOOC-ing about – Week 1

Yes – I’m doing a MOOC. Who would have thought you could ever do a course on Introduction to Art Concepts and Techniques from Penn State in your pyjamas?

It’s been fun already because it is so back to basics it is almost indulgent. Any excuse to buy a new packet of pencils and I’m in.

Those unpretentious little sticks of graphite, which gave so many of us our first excitement at writing and drawing, are as tricky to master as ever.

So here my exercise for week one.

7 thoughts on “Just MOOC-ing about – Week 1

  1. I love the accessibility of the on-line courses (if that’s what this is). I never tried a drawing one but it’s a great idea for the winter time…I don’t know why you need one though 🙂


    • Yes it’s online and it’s going quite well – although I’m not in the thick of it yet. There is some theory and history as well as a practice bit so I’m hoping to be more well rounded by the end. It’s good to see all the other work of folk on the course but it’s a bit overwhelming the number of people taking the course :>


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