Food Security #1

I thought I would politicise a still life. Since it’s Earth Day that’s a good enough reason to call this one Food Security #1.

Yes it’s bread with butter and avocado. But what a luxury each of those things are.

These happened to be sitting on the wooden board  in the kitchen – pretty much as are – and it was hard to preserve each item long enough to paint due to passing traffic.

Also in keeping with the other humble things recently posted, those things which affluence might have taught us to take for granted or disparage as being ‘fattening’ or ‘full of allergens’, many others would relish.

A whole fresh avocado, a complete loaf of bread with 7 different seeds and 250g of butter. A king could not live better than this.


14 thoughts on “Food Security #1

    • Hi Dawn
      That’s so nice of you – I’m glad it looks good enough to eat…it was pretty tempting to eat while I was doing it. Just the same as you if I was home alone I could sneak avocado on toast til it’s all gone.


  1. WONDERFUL! 3 of my most favourite things (you shall see the evidence on Friday!!)
    I tried something the other day which was so heavenly and divine that I can’t think why I’ve never seen it, tasted it or heard of it before.

    Seeded toast, a little bit of butter, slices of avocado on top with honey drizzled over and sesame seeds. How’s does that sound?Pretty damn lush.


    • Hi Lottie – I’m getting pretty over excited to be heading in your direction! Honey on avocado – woo that is food for the gods – but then you’re in Bali so it’s only natural.
      I also had the tail end of my Mum’s little baby tomatoes on toast …didn’t quite finish painting them before the vultures got them though.


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