Fruit with mug and elephant

When I started this blogging caper I didn’t think I would post up still life paintings but they’re quite a meditative thing.

This one has been on the drawing board since Easter and has been fiddled about with long enough.

Quite happy with the avocado – they’re funny little fruits with their alligator skin. Those oranges snuck in again.

Fruit with mug and elephant

Fruit with mug and elephant


17 thoughts on “Fruit with mug and elephant

    • Thanks Mary – I’ve hit a bit of a hiatus after this one. People left such kind comments and then I’ve been away for work to Indonesia which so assailed my senses I’m still reeling from the possibilities of what to paint next.


  1. hhmm..there is a Cezanne flat strokes and coloring quality to your still lifes. the muted colors always appeal to me, the texture on the avocado is spot on. always like how they feel in my hand…..just thought i’d visit a bit to thankyou for the follow, the novice always appreciates encouragement. 🙂


    • thank you so much for such a kind comment – Cezanne is just an absolute inspiration – i’ve been away OS for a bit so i’ve just been looking at other blogs before slowly getting back to posting on the blog – nice to see what others are doing.


      • you are most welcome, my early training was painting and pen and ink illustration, Cezanne, Monet and the entire Impressionist movement a favorite.

        my best teacher pointed at prints of Cezanne and said feverishly, ‘Look, every brushstroke is intentional!’ he was right, there are no accidents in his work, a true inspiration!

        i look forward to visiting again to see what i’ve been missing. 🙂


      • That is such great advice (and true) but quite daunting to execute. I think I cheat a fair bit to get a similar effect which mightn’t stand up to closer scrutiny!


      • my friend, youre in good company. it’s my struggle as well. 🙂 i was also so self critical of my work, i could never enjoy it as others did so maybe i recognized a little of myself……

        what you’ve created is not easily achieved and i’m sure in person the true textures and colors would reveal so much more.


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