Silver and Gold

The Gisborne Garden full of gold and silver glimpses.

Have been out painting the outside of (another) house all weekend – absolutely knackered – so this is in honour of enjoying those arcadian afternoons when you can wander around someone else’s garden.

19 thoughts on “Silver and Gold

  1. the incredible contrast in textures of the knarled trees against the flowing silver grass…..really special and a great eye in capturing it so well in the photographs. thank you for sharing these.


    • One of those rare days when there is beautiful light to be had and a good camera to hand. Actually I think it’s about the first time that’s happened since I carelessly left my little baby Olympus on a train about 10 years ago. In general I am a bad camera person and have never invested in a proper one since.


      • hhmm…i know a marine biologist who takes phenominal photos with his cell phone, and i guess when all the stars align….at least to these eyes yours are print worthy images.

        really made my night.


    • Thanks so much Mobius – I think these are ironbark trees – they have an incredible bark which threw off this glorious red. Must have a closer look at them next time I visit.


      • Hi Chas- liked your pictures etc on that post. The reblog seems to be OK, though it doesn’t show any pictures, just the first few words of your post, which isn’t quite as attractive- it might not like the gallery of images for some reason (can’t make it’s mind up which one to choose?!)


    • Hi Bob – without consulting the head gardener – I think these are a simple Chrysanthemum which mum generated from cuttings. Unlike most of the Aussie native daisies which are often propagated by seed like Xerochrysum bracteatum – the typical yellow paper daisy.


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