The red bank – autumn

Had loads of visits to the blog on Tuesday and thought I’d ‘gone viral’. Then realised it was possibly my dad because I’d just sent him the link.

Thanks so much though to everyone else who has visited recently and for all those who have left kind and happy comments.

Another addition here to the Red Bank – which I last took some pics of in spring. This time there are geraniums, sedums and roses in flower. All the roses came from cuttings from the one bush.

As before, the effort in relation to the garden is all down to my parents – I just took the photo – and pinched my Dad’s nice Nikon to do it. (As you can see I still need quite a bit of practise, but I was happy with the geranium shot.)

11 thoughts on “The red bank – autumn

  1. Fabulous colours. I’d love to have geraniums here but I’ve not seen any so guess that they don’t flourish in a tropical climate. They are such happy flowers. Geranium oil is one of my favourite aromatherapy essences – mix it with rose oil and you have a bath made in heaven! 😀


    • Sounds like a really nice idea. Have just spent two days painting – but not the fun type – the macro type where you get to paint the outside of a weatherboard house:< It's looking nice now but I had major muscle soreness last night and a little aromatherapy would have been a very good idea.


    • Oh thanks for that! I was just a bit late getting that last hit of sun which makes everything glow. Will post some other pics soon. I have to do house painting this weekend. No blogging for me.. :<


  2. Sedum is supposed to be very good for butterflies I think – we used to have Sedum spectabile in the garden in England. I haven’t seen it since I came to HK. If you get them maybe you could try some photos.


    • We had some visitors come from the UK last weekend and when we drove into the farm a whole flurry of butterflies blew up around the cars. It was so ridiculously idyllic – like the start of a Pixar movie. I’ll have to have a look out for them again and see what they’re going for in the garden.


    • I hope he might help me out with the Indonesia posts too – it will be great if we can co-write some. He is a wonderful chronicler of local and family histories so I know he’ll have some stories up his sleeve.


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