An Easter bounty

I hope all visitors here and those other people who have a need for peace had some time to rest and recharge over Easter.

My small gift of baby plants for mum’s red bank was returned with this bounty from her beautiful garden. As they say give and you shall receive!

My son had fun making a bow and arrow so I thought I’d put the bow in the photo as well (he’s off sharpening the arrow and finding feathers!)

Easter bounty

Easter bounty, roses, turnips and monster squash


4 thoughts on “An Easter bounty

  1. What a wonderful bounty and I like your son’s bow. Looks like the ones we made when I was a kid competing with my 4 brothers. That’s when I become known as “Straight Arrow” because I could shoot the straighest and hit the bull’s eye almost every time.


    • Hi Mary – it’s lovely when we go up to mum’s – my son goes into full bush child mode – which is quite a change from his love of the computer here at home.


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