Bandung to Bali XIII – the papier-mâché pig – 28 March 1973

I have to finish my papier-mâché art project today.

We work in the big new art room with its long benches and high stools. Art is a special subject with Mrs Parker and we have two whole hours every week.

I start with a fat blue balloon and drape little strips of paper across the squeaky surface with lots of gluggy clag. I cut up some cardboard for ears and egg carton pieces to make legs and a snout.

I have to do one layer at a time and then let it dry, so it’s a long process.

At last the pig is all done. I paint all over in white and then her final colours pink and purple spots.

She is a beauty.

I sit her on my desk when I get home and smile. She is all ready to go on the plane to Indonesia.


Which one of the photos is NOT about papier-mâché?


5 Reasons why papier-mâché is not as simple as it looks

Now if, like me, you thought papier-mâché was a simple and humble activity to keep 10 year olds focussed and active for about 4 straight weeks of art classes – think again. Papier-mâché is in fact an exemplar of high art.

1 Some Year 5 students – who do art with clearly the amazing Ms Em – have taken on projects way more ambitious than my pig. They’ve done dragons and unicorns and rockets and these are seriously excellent as shown at Art with Ms Em

2 The history of papier-mâché goes back almost to the time of the invention of paper itself by Ts’ ai Lun in China in the 2nd Century AD

A complete history of this amazing art form and the growing sophistication of its application can be found on Art Attack Unlimited

3 Papier-mâché still has the ability to reduce grown ups to tears, In their Flying over a Forest blog, our blogger finds themselves quite exasperated but still produces a good Easter bowl capable of holding eggs.

4 Even the pope has had a quite incredible tiara made of papier-mâché. Papier-mâché was used to make a papal tiara for Pope Pius VII when he was in exile in Venice. Venetians had learned the craft from their trade with Eastern parts and no doubt honed it to a fine art.

5 Blogger Lara at Cherry Red Creations continues to push the boundaries of papier-mâché by making the truly wildest bowl ever, complete with feather boa.

2 thoughts on “Bandung to Bali XIII – the papier-mâché pig – 28 March 1973

  1. I didn’t know pope had his tiara made out of paper – I wonder if they still have it somewhere on display, it would be nice site.

    Thank you for showing my work 🙂


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