Comedy Festival Colours

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival kicked off tonight and as the temperature dropped I walked to Trades Hall in somber mood (after a very tragic incident on Swanston St today)

It was good to catch up with one of my taller siblings who has created a perpetual animated projection based on the Comedy Festival Colours. There’s an algorithm involved in generating a digital painting with a revolving colour wheel selecting the colours and another rotating jiggamy selecting the dot size and shape.

OK – I don’t really understand it but it’s superbly calming. Interspersed are some Eugene von Guérard works wandering over the brick surface and occasionally illuminating a window like a glimpse of imagined rural landscape.

2 thoughts on “Comedy Festival Colours

    • Hi Mr Fish – my brother is the little boy in the ‘satu, dua, tiga’ post I wrote a little while ago and he grew into a very creative soul with an added handle on technology. So he now lectures in animation and creates all sorts of amazing things like this. I don’t understand it but, as you say, it’s very cool.


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