The story of the Prince Childe – The Prince

‘The Prince Childe’ has been languishing as a sketch for a while. Finally I’ve put paint to canvas and had a go at painting him in full.  (It’s based on the fairy tale in AS Byatt’s book Possession.) I won’t introduce him to the women of the forest yet as I think the story needs to unfold more slowly.

My son is quite pleased about the painting, as he was not impressed that I’d finished the paintings of the three women in the story and had not done the ‘warrior’.

If you need advice about painting these sort of heroic figures obviously any 12 year old boy, who will be a connoisseur of all things digital and fighting oriented, will be able to advise.

I had a close look at the artwork on the Assassin’s Creed game which gives the level of detail demanded by gamers these days.

My paintings are not so hyper-realised, but they take a fair bit of time and I’ve enjoyed doing something completely from imagination –  I might keep going with another set soon. Suggestions welcome.

8 thoughts on “The story of the Prince Childe – The Prince

    • Thanks so much Lottie. I’m very self critical (isn’t that always the way?) – so I thought taking some little close up pics meant I could say ‘well that bit worked ok’. Thought that would be a good plan rather than worrying about the bits which aren’t so great and endlessly going over them!
      I might stitch all these pictures together properly now with the story.


      • Fantastic – it’s good to know that I’m not the only one who gets hampered with self-doubt. I like to think that it’s all part of the process! great stuff Chas, and I really love your work, keep it up xx


      • It’s been good doing this blog – now it’s a balance between getting a piece absolutely right and just posting it up and moving on to the next project.


    • Thank you Leila- it’s hard to decide something is really ‘finished’ so it’s a little bit hard to hit the ‘publish’ and post them up. Very nice to get feedback though.


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