Masterchef on Lygon

Came across the monster production machine that is Masterchef on Lygon St this morning after our Saturday swim.

This is Melbourne’s Italy – like Italy but shinier (shinier Vespas, shinier Fiat 500s). Everything is effusively tasty but without the patina of age and the arcadian light.

We didn’t linger long enough to see the heat of the competition but obviously there are lovely Mama chefs involved.

Should put a plug in for our regular cafe – Seasons Provedore which is where we wait for Dance class to finish – (it’s tough going I know).

We’ve been going here since it first opened as the owners are so lovely & the breakfast is so good – of course I haven’t ever taken any photos here, so have borrowed one from Coffee House Chess’ blog

10 thoughts on “Masterchef on Lygon

  1. Have just finished watching the Professionals series and was quite impressed with Marco. What were they shooting there in Lygon St, probably for the normal series later this year? BTW, ‘vespers’ is chanting in church at dusk, whilst the transport mode is spelled Vespa (love that red).


    • hi Janina – thanks for stopping by and for picking up on my rotten spelling too -thanks!
      they were filming the next season’s series – must be early days – there were at least 16 contestants (or maybe more)


  2. It’s great when you find somewhere really good to eat out at. Pete and I now have a new favourite in Jakarta. It wouldn’t be the sort of place that we would go to in London but it’s a bit of a life-saver for us if we crave french food or something which is not Indonesian. The problem here is not so much finding good places to eat, it’s the price of alcohol – yes, I’m a lush! the thought of having lunch out or dinner out without a bottle of wine is well, quite upsetting really. We very rarely have wine these days because there is such a hefty tax placed on it – the prices are crazy – we stick to beer which to be honest I’m not that fond of. Hey ho!!

    I love Masterchef! It used to be one of my guilty pleasures when I lived in London. If Pete went off to football, I’d watch recorded programmes back to back all afternoon! No wonder I’m the size of a house 😀


    • Oh just read about the Irishman in Germany – that’s not at all funny. When you’re so removed from things that you just can’t help it really does make sense to just take a deep breath and regroup.
      I can’t believe there’s a Masterchef Indonesia – that must be quite amazing, as their food is already so incredible (is it westernised do you know?)
      They show Masterchef during the winter here as they do in the UK so it really does play into that time when you just want to watch something very comforting and formulaic. I realise now that there are actually ten cameras catching every nuance of emotion in real time so it’s a pretty impressive production.


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