The Pot Plant Challenge


Thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday and gave me a *like* – really kind. The need for affirmation is quite high so I’m very grateful.

Thought I should post the final piece with the dreaded pot plant.

Not only was the pot a big block of earthenware, the plant was a crazy bromeliad looking specimen with its strap like leaves arranged like early morning bed hair.

Basically I had no idea where to start – so just stuck with the programme. May have made the pot look slightly more glassy than it actually is.

Amazingly I found other bloggers who do everything Bromeliad related including –

Quite sure this plant is not going to win any prizes for beauty! Now I hope someone will let me know if this is in fact a bromeliad, which, by the way, originates from North America – and not (as I thought) from Queensland …

4 thoughts on “The Pot Plant Challenge

  1. Hi Chas- lovely to see the finished thing, and I particularly like the composition and colours. I’ve just copied the full picture and posted this with a click through to this article. How’s the temperature at present?!


    • Hi Nigel – that’s really kind. I feel like I’ve clicked over into a new gear on this painting endeavour so am looking forward to doing more – still lots to learn here. Temperature is superb today – warm sun, light cool breeze – it’s the first day of the Melbourne Garden and Flower Show today so all the true believers were on the trams this morning. How I envied them. It’s just perfect weather for the event. Hope it lasts – might spoil myself and go on the weekend.


    • Hi Mr Fish – That’s great! – I’m such a naive soul. I did weirdly have my account suspended so that could be the reason – hopefully this was a glitch as it’s fine now. Perhaps mention of the word ‘pot’ is a breech of the terms of service.


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