The brave roses of autumn

Not through any work on my part – the roses in our front garden have bravely bloomed through the hottest week ever recorded in March. There were even some small beads on the petals from light rain overnight.


11 thoughts on “The brave roses of autumn

    • Hi Nigel – Thanks for reblogging this one! – roses are such extraordinarily tough creatures. To get though summer with scant care (we can’t really water much) and then to determinedly push out more blooms is amazing. I guess you have to be a bit tough on them so the bushes don’t put too much into leaf – but I might give them some more tlc this year.


  1. “I dont know, it must have been the roses,
    The roses or the ribbons in her long brown hair.
    I dont know, maybe it was the roses,
    All I know I could not leave her there.”

    ~ Robert Hunter


    • Dear Mr Fish – What can I say? Thank you for adding such a generous comment – surely worthy of a post on its own.
      I like to imagine the girl with (once) long brown hair is still here – but a sobering check in the mirror reminds me that the outside is now a little faded – like the poor roses feeling a little air dried this week.


      • You give me WAY too much credit!

        I just happened to be listening to the Grateful Dead when I saw the photos of your roses, and so I instantly thought of those lyrics, from the song “It Must Have Been The Roses”.

        As for the outside fading, good thing, then that it’s the inside that counts! 🙂


      • Cool – I must have a listen.
        (Men should know that even the smallest bit of poetry – even if it is by the Grateful Dead – goes a long way with we women..)


    • Thanks Dawn – The roses were beautiful in summer and I didn’t take any pics and thought – ‘well they’ll have a great show in autumn once it gets cooler and I’ll remember to get some photos then’. But the poor guys who popped out first were ray gunned. These ones managed to come out once the temp dropped a bit so I was very happy to see them.


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