Portrait gallery – in process

I haven’t posted any art for a while so here are some snippets of life drawings where I’ve taken some time to make more of a portrait study of the model …

I usually start off with these loose wiry sketches, then bring in layers and slowly render more of a likeness. Occasionally it’s nice to spiral the other way and become more abstract


The top drawings are from classes with Marco at Enderby Studio in Richmond and the others are from Amanda’s Roar Drawing classes at Brunswick St Gallery. It’s been so hot Amanda has had to cancel a few classes over the past weeks – hopefully it will cool down enough for people to start drawing again. Most important. For more drawings you can visit the portraits page as well.


10 thoughts on “Portrait gallery – in process

  1. Nice portrait drawings. They remind me of when I was in art school and now, it’s time to get off to my next project and work on that illustrated book that I’ve scheduled to finish this year. Hope the weather gets cooler so your classes can resume.


    • Hi Mary Excellent to hear you are illustrating as well as writing – I am enjoying doing my little Bandung to Bali story as I go along via the blog. I like thinking about the image and the words together – maybe because I am a visual person this has finally worked for me, rather than writing the story and then illustrating it.


      • I, too, think about the words and images together being a visual person. My writing stories seem to write itself from all the vivid images that flash across my mind. Keep writing and keep drawing..”creativity is in the mind of the creator”…


  2. I love them all but #3 is my favourite! I miss life drawing. I used to spend hours and hours, days and days locked away in the studio at art school drawing the models. I knew them so well that after a while I could draw them in my sleep. I’m sure you know the feeling.
    I’m so out of practice now and it makes my work far too tentative and not free enough. There was a time when my brain, my hand and my eye worked in perfect synchronisity but for that you have to draw every single day and of course i’ve got out of the habit.

    I can smell dinner burning so I’d better go and retrieve what’s left of it from out of the oven but I shall look at your gallery later. 🙂


    • Hi Lottie
      Fear not -after years of child rearing and commuting I just decided I had to get back to it properly. I think getting back into drawing is like getting back onto a bike – you don’t really lose it. But now I’m trying to get back to really painting and it is like starting to walk again. If Marco wasn’t so kindly he would yell at me for un-forgetting what he had told me only a week ago. Learning so much and loving it. It can be scary too and exhausting.


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