Scaffolding London

The pulse of London is always palpable and often throbbing. Although slightly tough getting in each day during the few years I worked there – I always had a great sense of wonder popping up from Westminster Station to find myself at the feet of Big Ben.

The endless remaking and modelling of the city was intriguing. About the same time as I started working up in London full-time, we started to build our own house from scratch (very mad). But the process of building made me quite engrossed by scaffolding.

There was the physical change to the newly wrapped building’s shape and volume  as the scaffolding went up as well as the evolving graphic element of the grafted exoskeleton itself.

Monuments in London too could find themselves scaffolded and temporarily reshaped. I particularly loved the powerful statue at Westminster of Richard the Lionheart by Baron Carlo Marochetti when it was wrapped for restoration. Still visible through his sheer cover – the Coeur de Lion seemed less austere but just as untouchable.

2 thoughts on “Scaffolding London

  1. It’s great getting to know you through your blog Chas and from your lovely comments on my posts today. This is written in haste as I have a flight to catch back to Jakarta from Bali but I will catch up with you soon and look forward to reading more of your posts. LOVE your artwork! Lottie


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