Transformed by Melbourne’s White Night

On the streets at the White Night Festival with thousands of other Melburnians into the early hours this morning – amazing. On such a perfect balmy night it was impossible to take it all in but the transformation of our familiar buildings and bridges into newly imagined works of fantasy was a wonder. A great celebration of art and invention.

My best thing? – sipping a glass of King Valley bubbly and looking back across the Yarra as people streamed by. My hubby’s? looking at the moon through one of the telescopes on the bridges.

Quite fitting for St Paul’s Chapter House to be one of the most animated displays on the night as it sits by the Chapter House Lane Gallery – a place for wondrous art

A great time lapse of the event is on and for pics of likely better quality look on Twitter for #WhiteNightMelb

Got to bed about 5am this morning so way too out of it to put many words together ….

The Palais

The Palais Theatre becomes a Moroccan tapestry

St Paul's Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral Chapter House becomes entwined

White Nights 2013

Artist on Princes Bridge paints the White Nights letters

White Nights Flinders St Station

Flinders St Station gets a full dress rehearsal

South Bank View

View from South Bank Melbourne Alight

Flinders St

Flinders St lights up

18 thoughts on “Transformed by Melbourne’s White Night

    • Hi Frances
      I so hope you can come sometime. People from far away often lament that it’s a long way to come to Oz – but I explain that travelling to Oz means a whole day when you don’t have to cook any meals or do any washing or cleaning and can just watch any film you want and chill out – so it’s well worth it just for that.


  1. Oof! We were caught unexpectedly in the crowds, not knowing it was going on while we were headed out to dinner (ugh!)& – sounds like you by far had the best vantage point!


  2. The city of Eindhoven in the Netherlands has a yearly light festival which is worth viewing but I can’t guarantee that the weather will be as enjoyable as that offered by Melbourne. Thank you for showing these pictures, wonderful.


    • Thanks – That’s interesting to know about Eindhoven – would be great to get back to the Netherlands again. Got as far as Belgium last year so must sort out future plans a bit better..


  3. Wow! VERY cool event! Thanks for sharing your experience. Helps us readers understand what was so magical about it. The photos are amazing, and I can only imagine how much more amazing it would be to be there in person.



    • Thanks so much for stopping by Mr Fish – you might like to know they had a bike with a projector going around projecting onto buildings as part of the Festival – you would definitely have felt at home.


    • Hi the Festival is new to Melbourne but has been held in other countries before (mainly in Europe). It must be amazingly technical to develop.
      Quite wondrous experience if you ever get the chance to go. They didn’t advertise the festival much – ie there wasn’t a big campaign about it – which I think added to the sense of intrigue – no-one really knew what to expect.


      • No I haven’t been to any festival like this before – I’ve only seen others on youtube and the celebrations in London for the Queen’s Jubilee last year on TV. Of course it feels quite different to be in the midst of the buildings & the atmosphere of the crowd is also what makes the event special.


    • Thanks so much Shruti – I always feel spoilt living in Melbourne but last night was so special. The event was so perfect in giving the city back to the people. Everyone just had a great time – I think because we were all in wonder, like children are when they see things for the first time which amazes them. We were learning to look at everything around us all over again.


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