Community service post #1 – how to make Yo-Yos and avert an international crisis

Yo Yos made by blogger of Tall Short and Tiny in NZ

Yo Yos made by blogger of Tall Short and Tiny in NZ

Just shared a recipe with a fellow blogger (which is not a normal action as I am not the baking one in the family…)

But realised there is an international crisis as – in most parts of the world you cannot buy Yo-Yos – and some people have never heard of them!

Personally – there was a time I thought I could eat my way through Melbourne just visiting cafes and trying out Yo-Yos (but I am trying to resist..)

Yo-Yos are little yummy biscuits which are best baked in large numbers. There are probably secret variations but try this recipe which I have taken from a

Women’s Weekly book which I think they cannot reasonably claim to be under copyright as this recipe is ancient (for Australia).

Unfortunately all the  Yo-Yos  I made at Christmas got snaffled and I didn’t take a photo so I have shared a yummy picture of perfect homemade Yo-Yos


Biscuit mix

250g butter
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1/2 cup (80g) icing sugar
11/2 cups (225g) plain flour
1.2 cup (75g) plain flour

Passionfruit butter
80g butter
1/2 cup icing sugar
1 tblspoon passionfruit pulp (or a little lemon juice if passionfruit cannot be found)

Beat butter sugar and essence together like a mad thing until smooth and fluffy. Then add the flours (bit at a time) and mix til smooth.

Round up teaspoon amounts in balls and place on oven trays. Press lightly with a fork (very important step in the genuine-ness of yo yo making.) Bake (in an oven obviously) at about biscuity cooking temperature until lightly brown. Watch them – they like to go black on the bottom!

When cool,

stick two biscuits together with the butter icing filling you have also whipped like a mad woman/man until creamy and yummy.

Da da ‘Yo Yos’


4 thoughts on “Community service post #1 – how to make Yo-Yos and avert an international crisis

    • Hi Jaye I hope you can have a try making some Yo-Yos and let me know how you get on. Love the photos on your blog- thanks for visiting my blog – it’s exciting to be able to connect with people on the other side of the world


  1. My wife and I have tried of few recipes on Word Press and we’re definitely going to try this one soon. It looks yummy. By the way I am following your blog but how do I subscribe so I get emails whenever you post?


    • Hi Chris thanks for your message and for attempting the recipe. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed (Let me know how it works out)
      I think if you click follow on the blog you will get email notices of further ramblings. As I’m a little new to WordPress it would be good to know if this works or if I have missed something..


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