Drawing en masse @NGV_Melbourne

Thanks NGV Melbourne – what a superb institution. Especially when it lets 100+ people in to draw in its beautiful 19th Century Gallery. The gallery is hung in the exuberant ‘Salon’ style with rich, heavy gilt framed paintings and dotted with sculpture in reference to the popular form of exhibiting art in Paris and London at the turn of the Century. It remains a feast for the senses for the more modernist eye.

Juan Ford led the session – ‘the largest drawing class he’s ever done’ – and got everyone going with quick sketches. Just how I like to start.

Loved having the chance to get down and drawing in this amazing space with everyone – kids, younger and older folk. There was a great atmosphere. 

Some of my work and pics of this fun day below – a few more Sundays to come – really worth a ride into NGV to be there.

The best picture I saw in our walk around in between drawings was a very assured portrait of the gallery security man – I think the artist might have been about 10 or 11 – very well observed. I didn’t meet the artist so sadly didn’t feel it would be right to take a photo but it’s great to have kids getting this experience when they are really starting out.

Even if it’s not to draw – just going to the gallery is wonderful. Indonesian artist Jompet Kuswidananto’s installation ‘The commoners’ draws you into the body of the gallery.


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