Boxing Day At Barwon Heads – saying farewell to Shirley

We’ve had a lovely lead up to Christmas – lots of friends marking important birthdays -mine is soon to come. Then a great Christmas with family all at our house which was just wonderful fun. But there’s been a little undercurrent of sadness through this time for us. Remembering family and friends who we’ve lost this year, knowing many people who have had some hard times this year and who will not have an easy Christmas, but one still tinged by anxiety and sorrow. Even harder to know that across the world there will be so many families with an empty place at the table and many more who will have no table to go to.

On Boxing Day we said a farewell to my beautiful Aunt – Shirley Johnstone. She was a wonderful artist and the stretch of beach around the Bluff at Barwon Heads was her favourite place. So here -with her beautiful girls and her very beautiful grandkids we sprinkled her ashes in the rock pools and in the sea under the bluest canopy of blue sky you could ever hope to see. Then we had a glass of champagne and talked and laughed. It was a sad moment but we just took in the beauty all around us and the laughs of the children and knew, what-ever worries we may have, we have been very blessed to be in this place and this time with these people.


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