The market of serendipity

As serendipity sometimes allows I ‘found’ myself at the ‘BIG’ Design Market at the Melbourne Exhibition Buildings this morning. Escaped the heat with many trendy looking people, of which I was not one. Strolled about taking in all the fine craft and design on display by many seriously capable artisans. Great admiration for all, but here are my top three – there may have been more but the battery went ..

First image undies – I thought this was a perfect hook up for the wonderful Canadian Hiking Photos blog – although it might be irreverent to wear art photos on your bottom – but then if clothes can be art then why not undies ? Also loved these beautifully colourful smooth ceramics matched with dimpled and anemone-like shapes – they looked edible just as they were. Finally the well dressed bike – it can take you anywhere and do anything – hold your wine – make you feel stylish… For people with only a bike for a pet – free of having a dog to dress up or children – who actually need clothes and keep you so poor you’re lucky to own a bike – yes if you were unencumbered why would you not just demonstrate your love and go all out for your bike by having one this pretty? Meanwhile the kid’s vote surely went to the plank people who sell boxes of mini planks and kids were having a meltdown over any suggestion that they had played long enough at that stall..

To see all the amazing designers exhibiting this weekend visit

The image undies are by Stonemen – their quite raunchy website is at

The beautiful ceramics are by Mod Collective

The dressed bike is by Cycle Style – of course

Image undies

Image undies

Bright ceramics

Bright ceramics

'Dressed' bike

‘Dressed’ bike

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