Wired figures

These wirey figures are one way I like to start drawing and to get some of the uptight muscles loose! I just draw around and over the line and then do that again and again. The layers – a bit like a blurry 3D drawing – seem to come up to a recognisable figure. These poses are very quick so they’re typically ‘unfinished’


4 thoughts on “Wired figures

    • Hi Donna

      These ones are pastel on butchers paper.
      Just as I was restarting on the art road my daughter found two battered and dusty cardboard boxes tossed out on the street which were full of art materials! Inside were very expensive pastels and conte – boxes I would just look at in an art supply shop in a dreamy sort of way. Needless to say we took them in and have cared for them since, although it would be nice to know the story behind them.


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