Rathdowne St Revival

I’m always pleased to see a remodelling of an existing building rather than a demolition.

However sometimes the outcome is not superbly elegant and occasionally the attempt to reconfigure a building for a new use completely swallows or re-dresses the original. 

The Rathdowne House, which always looked at risk of demolition as it had been slowly deteriorating and looking very unloved, has now been revived and topped with a further contemporary level. The make and shape of the original building – which was not any great exemplar of architecture of its period – has nevertheless been well respected by the redesign. The street face on both sides is little altered – perhaps just a bit sharper in places – while making sensible use of a further level to allow for an inevitable need for an upgrade in density.

The church in Kangaroo Rd is not so kindly treated. The early remodelling pared back the church nicely but it was then wrapped and obscured to such an extent that it is now sadly subservient to the modular treatment around it.

On the up side there’s colour and a mostly unused church carpark is now given over to play space while the cars are reassigned underground.

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