Art of the antarctic

Thanks to Bosartis for liking the last blog which in turn led me to his work! This had some beautiful paintings including work based on a visit to the Antarctic Islands. What an experience that must be.

It reminded me of my recent trip to the Polar Museum in Cambridge, UK, where I saw an exhibition of the work by David Smith called Reflections on Ice.  

Strikes me that both paintings demonstrate the impact of the landscape on the artist – they both have blocks of tonal colour and a confronting sense of wilderness.

David Smith went deep into the Antarctic as he worked as an official artist on the British Antarctic Survey – his images of the remoteness and other worldliness of the landscape was mesmerising.

Sometimes you do see a painting you want to just pop in your bag and run away with- although these were a little too large for that – and I encourage you to click on the image to see it in fuller view.

The David Smith exhibition is no longer on but I would recommend anyone to spend some time in this beautiful small museum to appreciate man’s self-determination for discovery if they can’t ever manage a journey to the Poles in person but can get to go to Cambridge.

The Bosartis work is from and the link for the David Smith work is from



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